New Part of Tutorial Done and More Game Pictures by Stan on 15/07/2009

And moving right along. Well, after thinking things over I finally finished by Z80 Assembly tutorial. Will you be programming yet? No, this is meant as a basic, introductory movement into Z80 Assembly. The next section will get into actual coding. If you're ready to move along and learn the basics so you're ready for it (because I'm halfway through it right now), here you go. Also, I'm going to put some more game pictures up this week to fill in the database, so don't forget to contact me if you have anything we haven't uploaded yet.

SMS Collect Uploaded, More Updates by Stan on 03/06/2009

Finally making some good headway for the site (thanks to time). A number of banner images have been added to pages, and if you haven't noticed, the navigation stuff on the right over there has been reorganized and changed.

Big news is that I finally took the time to put up an article and permanent page for forum member Roth's Master System collection program called SMS Collect. Check it out and if you have any suggestions or feedback for him, you can directly access the forum thread about it here. Thanks to Roth for this, it's a useful tool for keeping track of what you have and what you need.

Site Changes by Stan on 29/05/2009

If you haven't noticed, there have been some slow, but progressive changes to the site, mostly cosmetic. I, for example, have been slowly adding banners to each site page that needs one using various graphics from different Master Sytem games. In addition, since I finally have time, I've been belting out a number of hardware additions to the database, so check it out if you haven't already. If you see any errors or have something we don't have in there, contact one of the forum administrators.

Member Collection Page Lookin' Fancy by Stan on 25/05/2009

Well, finally got around to adding a little picture for the Member Collection section of the site. At some point I'll probably animate it and do some cool tricks, but then again it might be fine as it is. If you have any other ideas about what you'd like to see there, let me know or a better picture to use. Or, even better, if you have pictures of your own that you'd like to get on the site, contact Stan or Sinistral on the forum with your info and pictures.

And if you're not one for bragging rights but you want to take pictures anyway, contact us with some bio information you'd like to see in in the Member Biographies section. I added a change to the GIF so it flows better with the rest of the site. Thanks to Ian for the original that I used to update it a bit.

Sega8Bit 2009 Event and a US Sonic Record by Stan on 14/05/2009

Been awhile, so time for a short update! I'll probably get yelled at for this, but screw it. If you haven't noticed yet, a "US" Sonic the Hedgehog appeared on eBay recently, fetching an as-of-yet unheard-of amount. This is probably a record for a Master System title that was a regular, documented release. Join in the discussion here.

In addition, plans are already underway for the 2009 Sega8Bit community gathering, so if you didn't notice, check out the thread here to learn more about it! There is also plenty of work to do gathering game and hardware pictures for the databases, so get involved if you're interested! And yes, Stan is almost done with the Assembly Tutorial. The end of the semester has finally arrived, and with his eye all healed up from a bad wound, he's ready to type away.

Steve Hanawa Interview by Stan on 31/10/2008

Well after months of waiting and work, I've finally put up the Steve Hanawa interview I've been talking about. You can now check it out here. In addition, don't forget to check out the guides posted on the site by Ian and Sinistral. If you missed it, get your guides for Lord of the Sword and Ghouls 'n Ghosts right here. You can still send in your own game guide if you want to try it out, finish it and then get in touch with us.

Plus, if you haven't noticed it yet, we're getting ready for another Sega8Bit Community Secret Santa event. Read about it and sign up here. Also, one last thing, Phil is running a virtual treasure hunt with a Sega related prize at the forum, so if you want to try it read about it here.

Game Guides by Ian on 07/10/2008

Sinistral and myself have recently created game guides for Lord of the Sword and Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Check them out and let us know what you think. We'll be looking to add more of these in future so if you have any requests you can let us know in the forum. Also, if you'd like submit your own game guide then get in touch. '08 Event by Ian on 10/07/2008

Recently, held our first ever SMS gaming event. A great day was had by all and we will be looking to organise many more in the future. Thanks to everyone who made it up to Manchester for the day. Read a summary of the days events by clicking here (thanks Rupert). Check out the forums for more details.

More Programming and a New Contest by Stan on 20/05/2008

For those of you who haven't noticed (still have to add it to the main site instead of the article section), we're kicking along with the new programming section. Binary Math was recently added, as well as the first two pages about the Z80 MPU. Learn all about it by clicking the awesome, mind-numbing image on the right.

And if you didn't notice something else a' goin' on, we have a new Pimp My System competition in the works (maybe controllers and such too). Once we get some more things together we'll put it up for you in all its glory in the contest section. For now, go and discuss it over at the forums.

Program Page In the Works by Stan on 26/04/2008

So you thought the Scott Marshall interview was AWESOME, did you? Think you might have what it takes to do it yourself? Well, without further ado, Sega8Bit is now putting together a programming tutorial written in simple language in slow, easy steps so even the most moronic of users can learn!

Of course, it's not easy, but if you want to start, you can get cracking by clicking on the picture over there. Currently, only two very basic articles are up now, but read up on them if you're not familiar with the knowledge and in the next few months expect to see more pop up as we move on. Step by step my friends! So read it up, and then head over to the forum to discuss it with other members and make some contributions. This isn't just for me, Andy or Ian. This is for ALL of us, so all of us is what it's going to take to make it good. So get cracking and talk about it here.

Scott Marshall Interview by Stan on 19/01/2008

FINALLY! Well, okay, don't complain, I wanted to make sure this was a lot more organized and in-depth than my last interview, so I took a ton of time working with Scott to get this perfecto. Click on el image to the right to head to the article and afterwards, talk about it at the forum so you can give me some feedback and possibly get to ask Scott some questions yourself, should he decide to pop up. I took as much time as possible making it pretty easy for everyone to read, but please keep in mind that it was impossible for me and especially Scott to explain everything without teaching you a course on programming. So read it up, CAREFULLY, and then head over here.

The 2007 Sega Master System Awards by Stan on 03/11/2007

Well, time for something new as I finish up the interview I've been doing with the programmer for R.C. Grand Prix. As suggested by site member Phil, we're currently running the voting for the 2007 Sega Master System Awards. Vote on a variety of categories including Best Graphics and Sound! You can read more about it and get the contact information to send your entries by clicking the picture at the right. Get those votes to Phil!

Pimp My System - Vote Now! by Ian on 29/08/2007

Here's what you've been waiting for. The entries have been submitted and the write up is complete, and available in 'Pimped' and 'Ghetto-free' versions. (thanks Stan). We didn't receive as many as entries as we hoped but the ones we did look great. Check them out here! Then head over to the forum to cast your vote.

PIMP MY SYSTEM Competition by Stan on 13/06/2007

After some time and while waiting for Steve Hanawa to finish our interview, I decided to let loose our next competition, which was an idea onyx had awhile back. This my friends is the PIMP MY SYSTEM competition. Check out the hype on da forum by clikin the link, dog, to the right. Give us a holla and pimp it out and get a chance to be ownin a complete Taz in Escape From Marz and a Super Compac!

And for those of you that have missed it thus far, click on this link here, and learn about how you can get yourself an official Sega8Bit T-Shirt at the ordering thread. This will eventually be a part of the site, but until then go to the forum and post or PM Stan about ordering one to live in style.

Caption Contest! and SITE INTERVIEW!!!! by Ian and Stan on 15/04/2007

First off, if you haven't done so already, check out the fantastic work Stan has done in the Characters section. This update is to let you know that in an attempt to add some humour and fun to the site I have created the Caption Contest, featured further down the main page. Send your funny quotes to go with the pictures that I'll be updating every so often. Look foward to reading your entries. Have fun!

And after you've had a crack at that, take a look at our FIRST SITE INTERVIEW! I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with John Sauer, who worked for Sega in the US for quite awhile both during the SMS era and after. Check out our interview by clicking on his smug mug on the right. Enjoy!

April Non-Fools Spectacular by Stan on 01/04/2007

For the love of god yes! That's right, after months of toil and agony I've finally completed the BRAND NEW character section for the site. Check it out by clicking on the picture on the right. I'd like to thank Andy for the initial set-up, as well as some of the first write-ups, some of which I kept. Also, without a doubt I must give a big thanks to Ian, who fixed a number of bugs and errors, as well as making three of the large character photos for the section. He did an incredible job on them as well as the absolutely killer main screen for the section with the winners' podium. So give him a thanking for doing what he did!

And once you're finished checking it out, hop over to the forum to discuss what we've created, because there are going to be a lot of new changes and additions to the site over the next year. You can blab about the character section here. Also, I'd like to apologize to everyone still waiting on the Sega8Bit shirts to be pounded out. Since a certain someone decided to dump on the deal I need to locate a good, reasonable t-shirt company in my area to get the job done. I may end up fronting most of the cash myself, but whatever it takes it WILL get done, don't you worry. I'll keep you guys informed, for now, enjoy the new character section!

March Madness by Playgeneration on 20/03/2007

There's been a surge of new reviews this month. Desert Strike, Psycho Fox, Secret Command and Penguin Land have all come under scrutiny, so go check them out!

Forum member Rupert has been giving one of his consoles a new makeover, have a better look and perhaps pass comment by clicking the picture to the right. Perhaps it will inspire some creativity among other SMS fans, if you feel like giving your console a new look then we would love to hear about it

Merry Christmas! by Sinistral on 14/12/2006

It's nearly Christmas! Who can believe another year is nearly over? It's been a good year here at - The website seems to be getting packed full of articles and information and the community continues to grow at an alarming rate! With Christmas nearby we thought we would make the site feel a little more festive! Hence the new logos!(cheers Ian) We also decided to showcase some great Christmas Master System related memories in the article entitled "A Master System Christmas" - we really need more submissions for this though! So if you have any nostalgic images you wish to share then please do so!

Merry Master System Christmas!
Also, just in previous news, recently the members have come up with the definitive guide to the Master System's unreleased games! The list can temporarily be found here, but will get a more permanent home when time permits me to update the whole site! Also just to echo what Stan said in his previous post, the T-shirt design competition is finished! The winner is chosen! Get your butt over to this thread pronto to snap up a very limited edition T-shirt!

Happy Thanksgiving (Or Whatever)! by Stan on 23/11/2006

It's finally over folks! With this holiday a comin' up, though not everyone on the site celebrates it, why not have two super spectacular additions at once!? The shirt design contest voting is now officially over, so check out the results to see who won by clicking on my cocky face at the right. When I get everything together, these shirts will be made availabe for sale so get your pocketbooks ready!
So if that wasn't enough for you we have an incredible article up. If you've ever wanted the total skinny on the NTSC rereleases, look no further! With a little bit of this you can't go wrong! Everything you need to know is all there for you, verified by a certain someone who actually worked for Sega of America back in the day and was kind enough to provide me with information pertaining to these titles. In addition, this is a lead-in to an interview I'll be doing with them over the next few weeks that will become part of the site when I'm finished. Enjoy!

T-SHIRT Contest Time! by Stan on 21/10/2006

Well, after several months of laziness on the part of the staff and members, the Sega8Bit shirt contest is now underway! Whichever of the eight entries gets the most votes will be used to create shirts to be purchased by anyone interested. Choose you favorite by clicking on the icon at the right.

And if you haven't done so already, get cracking and check out the results for the TOP 100 GAMES.

Top 100 games results by Ian on 24/09/2006

Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long, but finally it's complete. The Top 100 Sega Master System games, as voted for by you, have been revealed. Who will be number one and earn the title of the greatest SMS game? Check it out. I also want to say thanks to Andy for helping me out with it. Be sure to give any comments or discuss the results over at the forums.

There has also been an influx of game reviews lately so be sure to check them out. Thank you to those who have submitted them.

Don't Panic by Sinistral on 31/08/2006

The release of the top 100 games is nearly upon us. Stan is still taking entries for the T-shirt design competition - so hurry up and get those entries in! But since I have nothing better to do I thought I would write a little review of the ASCII Stick Alpha. If you are as bored as me you can check that out. We are still working on our character pages. Currently only one character is complete. More information on this later.

I almost forgot to mention we have a few new reviews available:

  • Krooper13 sent us a great review of Sagaia here.
  • Playgeneration tackled Disney's Aladdin and seemed to enjoy it here.
  • Sinistral (moi) fancied a go at Space Harrier here.

I should also while I'm here mention there have been some recent additions to the members collections pages.

Sports Pad Article and Contests by Stan on 14/07/2006

Yeah. Finally got my new article done so check it out. Don't forget, you can still keep submitting your Top 100 Games, so do it now! In addition, the contests are not dead, Andy is working on adjusting a new one, and if it's not up soon another contest will be used to keep everyone busy. A number of cheats have been added to the database and the character section is in works!

Top 100 Games by Ian on 26/05/2006

Recently we've been continuing to add cheats to the database and also, thanks to Maxim, I have added level maps to some games. I have also updated the Emulation and Magazine Review Scans sections. I'd also like to mention that we are making a feature for the Top 100 SMS games, as chosen by the fans. Head over to the forum and cast your votes

Note: Stan here everybody, in addition to the above, check out the completed Cheetah CharacteriStick article, finally finished after months of research and toil! Have you got a need for speed and greed?

Cheetah Characteristicks Article by Stan on 21/05/2006

Well, the film roll is finally being developed. Should have bought a digital camera years ago, but oh well. At any rate, when the pictures come in this week I'll fine-tune the article and it will be ready to read for all your accessory loving pleasure. Also, thanks to Phil, psychofox, Ian and Bock for submitting cheats. Keep them coming! We plan on adding a ton in the next few weeks.

Sega8Bit Contest Begins! by Stan on 03/05/2006

If you haven't noticed already, the first Sega8Bit contest is on its way. First prize is a complete copy of Assault City (Light Phaser Version)! Get the highest score in Rampage and it's yours. Contest ends in one month. In addition, my pictures still aren't developed yet, need to take some more of other things before I develop the roll. In the meantime, before publishing my accessory article, look to be seeing an article on Golden Axe, THE BOOK!

Member Biographies and Such by Stan on 22/04/2006

As I hope you've noticed, the Member Biographies are completed! Of course, this does not mean finalized, if you want your bio added, contact me on the forum. Thanks to Ian for the animation! We're working on a few things currently, and several changes have already been made to the site. An upcoming new feature, contests (title yet to be created), will be coming your way in the near future, so join the forums and look for it!

Site reset and member bios by Stan on 16/04/2006

Well, I'm sure everyone may have noticed that the reset button was pressed on the console that is this site. The bios were fine, just needed to reattach pictures. Should be up by the end of the week, as long as one member responds to my email. Otherwise, look for a new forum logo in the future, the completion of the Cheetah article, and other garble.

New News by Stan on 02/03/2006

One of our members and friend, dezaneube, is getting married on March 4th! Everyone wish him luck, as he won't be playing the SMS for at least two weeks! Good God noooo!!!!!! Also, I've currently added all of the text information for the site member biographies, next will be photos, if you sent one. If not, they can easily be added later. If anyone has not sent a bio and would like to, contact me through the forum. PLAY SMS OR DIE.

Small update by Andy Allison (Sinistral) on 18/01/2006

Anagrama has recently made a few additions to the games database, mainly Brazilian titles.

You may also notice that the links on the bottom of the page have been cleaned up a little, some new ones that should have been there a long time ago have been added.

I also put up some really stupid stuff because I was bored, It would be cool to get some other people making more though, if you are as bored as me, check out this rubbish.

Blade Eagle 3-D Working Cheat by Stan on 05/01/2006

Yaaaaaaaay. Congratulations to us, SMS Tributes now has the only working level select cheat for Blade Eagle 3-D on the net. Everything else located and submitted was from another supposed cheat, which does not work. So, no longer do you have to try pressing Down, Right, Up, Left, Down and wondering why nothing comes your way! Now you can cheat correctly!

Manual Scans Added by Sinistral on 18/12/2005

Just a quick update to say that three new manual scans have been added to the database thanks to the hard work of Roth. The scans are Cyborg Hunter, Gangster Town and Space Harrier. If you need any of those then as usual find them on the games database.

Mahjong Box Text by Stan on 15/12/2005

Small update, but it took me quite a deal of work. I translated and added the box text for Mahjong today, using an English translation closer to how we would speak. Trust me, you wouldn't want me to give you the literal translation, it'd be ugly.

[Edit by Sinistral] Just to mention I added a number of screenshots to the database that were submitted by Roth. Thanks Roth.

Site Update by Stan on 09/12/2005

Box text for Ariel the Little Mermaid has been translated and added to the database, as well as a number of cheats that have been sitting for testing for some time. Seems that "The Ninja" cheat which has been submitted on several occasions finally works! Check it out, it's quite funny.

Did I finally do some work? by Andy Allison (Sinistral) on 08/08/2005

Well, as most people know I've been quite busy lately, I haven't had a great deal of time to work on the site due to "real life" commitments, but I've managed to get a few things done recently. I wrote some new reviews of Ghostbusters and Lord of the Sword (which you can read below) I also finished working on the site's article writer, which means I wrote a bit of a Tester article comparing various arcade games to their Master system version - you can read this on the articles page. I've also been trying to promote the site a little, I got us joined to some webrings and e-mailed the sleeping forum members.

We are badly in need of some new material on the site; a few new reviews would be really nice if anyone wants to submit one. Hope you enjoy the update.

Portugese Box Blurbs Completed by Stan on 01/08/2005

Well, did some more work today. I finally finished the translating of all the Portugese box texts from every TecToy game that I own. There are still plenty to go, but it's a great step at the moment since these translations take time. In addition, three games have been added to the database for your enjoyment, drooling and possible review. They are, in order of awesomeness; Taz in Escape From Mars, Dynamite Headdy and Fire & Ice. Get busy!

Boatload o' Screenshots by Stan on 30/07/2005

Hey everybody, Stan here, obviously. Been awhile, but now that I've got this beast computer and a good connection a lot more work is going to be done. If you haven't noticed yet, I added screenshots for around 50 games or so. There are still plenty to go, and some which currently have corrupted screenshots just to make the database look more complete. If anyone has any access to ROMs that we need, please let us know, until then we'll keep working!

About time! by Andy Allison (Sinistral) on 11/06/2005

Well it's about time there was an update made to this page, work on the site content is slowly progressing. Today I have uploaded Seven new Manual scans in .pdf format, all were scanned by Edwin Nelson, if you find them useful I'm sure he wouldn't mind a "thank you" PM on the forum. I have a big update coming soon so you should expect some changes around here!

Update by Sinistral on 29/04/2005

About time I updated this page, today thereís some new manual scans of Altered Beast and Choplifter thanks to Edwin Nelson, as usual get these on the files and documents page.

There has been a good deal of reviews submitted recently, sadly these seem to be of ever decreasing quality, some of you guys seem to think that "u" is acceptable to write instead of "you" in a review and some even think its good to substitute letters for numbers as you can see in this disturbing review. Do yourselves a favour guys, don't waste our time or your own, it takes 1 second for us to click delete, takes you much longer to write it though! Thankfully there is some light at the end of the tunnel, Dean Hanus sent us a great review of Fantasy Zone, and there are a couple more waiting to be published.

New Review by Sinistral on 12/04/2005

Just to let you guys know that there is an excellent new review of Fantastic Dizzy been posted, and also a review thatís been sitting idle for months of Land of Illusion by Dezanuebe.

Not much work has been done on the site recently due to other commitments, but Stan and Anagrama continue their work on the games database and rarity information.

Edwin Nelson (ClassicPac from forums) also sent in a manual scan of Alex Kidd in High Tech World, you can find this on the files page

New Review and Site Updates by Stan on 30/03/2005

A new review has been posted, and we would suggest any potential writers look it over to see exactly what we are looking for, as several recently submitted reviews were too poor to consider or simply lacking (don't worry Dez, your's is coming soon!). Numerous screenshot updates, game database revisions, and cheats have been added, so keep checking back for new surprises!

Site Updates by Stan on 17/03/2005

Almost all screen shots for games listed under "C" have now been added, as well as two cheats. Try them out, you can take on the final levels of Krusty's Fun House or go directly to Dr. Robotnik in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

Site Updates by Stan on 15/03/2005

Hi, everyone. Almost all games from 0 through A have been updated, save 4 Pak All Action. Several new cheats have been added to the database as well. If you find a cheat you have submitted has not been added, it is most likely inaccurate. Please be certain to write descriptions on code operations clearly and concisely. In addition, please refrain from using box text for the Introduction section of reviews. A statement on this will be added to the site, but for now please keep this in mind. Now, must go play new games!

Scans, Reviews etc by Andy Allison on 09/03/2005

Although we seem to have a small trickle of user submitted reviews coming through, sadly its not as many as there were coming through back when the site was edited manually (and I had to copy and paste the reviews onto a page) some of the reviews we get in also are a bit too short in places which stops us from adding them. Please get submitting reviews guys and read the review guidelines to help you out.

Over the past few days I have been scanning manuals and adding them to our database . (see the current list) it is a very slow job, and I need a bit of help with it, so if anyone wants to help scan game manuals please send any submissions to you will be given full credit for your work, please submit only scans you have made yourself. (Do not rip them from other sites)

I would also like to bring to peoples attention a new Sega site called Sega Dreams It is important that we help support all new Sega sites in these days, so please stop by and have a look. The site so far is looking very promising, and already has some good console information. .
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