Damn, Stizan, you pullin' that gat ou' quick! Tell Segafan to get his ass back over heaah so you can smoke it!

Whu' the hell, brothas and sistas, why you steppin' up on muh space? You think dis a game? Deres only one game, da game, an' das all. I don' be 'preciating all dis here wack steppin', but I let's it be fo' now cause we gotz a com pe ti shun to be runnin' and I don' wanna blast ya'll fo' it's dun. Jeeaaaaaaaaah! Had enough? Well if not, we have a ton more ghetto for you, should you choose to accept the challenge. I know that some people out there might not want to read a totally pimped out write-up of the competition, so I decided to make two separate tracks for you to follow. You can choose one, choose the other, choose both and read them at the same time, read one and come back to the other or whatever you want. Either way, you'll still get the same information and the same path to the voting on the forum, so it's up to you! So, go ahead, choose below. You can be a cheeky bitch and go ghetto free, or choose to go as it was meant to be, totally pimped! Click on da gat to jet to the ghetto, or click on the bluderbuss to ride it whitey.

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