Well, for those of you who just noticed it, this will be a permanent fixture to the site, featuring contests we'll be holding through the forum. Below is a list displaying the current contest, followed by past contests. If you're interested in trying one out, join the forum if you're not a member already! Each page below will feature a link to the section of the forum where the current contest is being discussed. So check it out, join or just read!

Caption Contest
Send your funny captions to go with the SMS game screenshot. Updated regularly.
Check it out!

Hi-Score Club
Send your in your high scores for a chance to be listed in the Hall of Fame. Updated regularly.
Check it out!

Pimp My System
Pimp your SMS by giving it a cosmetic or technical modification in our current contest.
Check it out!

T-Shirt Competition
Create a design for a Sega8bit t-shirt. Winner receives a t-shirt with their design
Contest ended. See Entries.
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