Contest #46 - Air Rescue

What is being said in this picture? You can include captions from either/any of the characters on screen. Whoever makes us laugh the most, wins!
Send your entries to There is no limit on entries so submit as many as you like.

Contest #45 - Sagaia

Winning quote by: Connorjohnlogic

Honorable Mentions
Long blonde haired: "Are you new here?"
Short blonde haired: "Yea, I saw this caption contest and wanted to participate"
White haired: "I had blonde hair when the contest #45 started..." - gabrielknight
Meanwhile, in an alternative universe, space racer James Hunt is being interviewed fully unaware that his obsessive stalker Diana is right behind him - Jonathan Vesala
Man on right: "Oh man, with this new selfie-stick, I can get a great photo of me and those sweet spaceshi... hey, get out the damn shot, you idiots!" - John Beckett
Right guy: "Stop staring at us like that! These days you've got to accept every role. Or do you think this guy's wearing a mop voluntarily?" - 7thGuest

Contest #44 - Chuck Rock II

Winning quote by: John Beckett

Honorable Mentions
When Popeye the Sailor was young, dinosaurs with necks made of Cocoa Puffs, would sometimes feast on his spinach garden - The J8ker
Dinosaur: "Can you help me get these knots out of my neck?" - Sean Furze

Contest #43 - Y's: The Vanished Omens

Winning quote by: legend

Honorable Mentions
To Adol's dismay, the man he'd followed into the pub wasn't Chris Waddle after all - John Beckett
"Why are you looking at me like that? I only asked for a cocktail list." - John Beckett

Contest #42 - Chuck Rock

Winning quote by: John Beckett

Honorable Mentions
"WHOOAA!!! I'm DEFINITELY cutting down on the spotted mushrooms!" - Greg H
"Fi-do?! Ho-ly shit! That were strange chan-te-relles." - 7thGuest

Contest #41 - Captain Silver

Winning quote by: 7thGuest

Honorable Mentions
Jim: "That's the last time I use internet dating" - Sam A
Cyclops: "Honey, please, would you turn while I put my bra back on?" - Alessandro Socci
Cyclops: "OK, so on 3, I will bounce the rock off the ground and it will go over you and land on the boat"
Jim: "You sure it won't hit me?"
Cyclops: "Of course"
Jim: "And then it's my turn bouncing the rock, right?"
Cyclops: "Yup"
- Kazamaru

Contest #40 - Aladdin

Winning quote by: Alberto

Honorable Mentions
Aladdin: "Sure, I'll marry you, sweetheart (now that we cleared the last level)..! ...Listen, I'm going to the restroom for a moment; you stay here..." - Watcher1924
Jasmine: "No Aladdin, it does not go "Red sky at night, come lay with me on my carpet" - Anthony Cockell
Aladdin: "Oh no! Your father again!" - Alessandro

Contest #39 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Winning quote by: Alessandro

Honorable Mentions
Evel Kiddnievel - grolt
"I'm on a motorcycle without a helmet jumping over freaking frogs and I still can't get a new game!" - batman666
The frog on the right displays his Telekinesis powers by making everyone fly - Wifusion

Contest #38 - Sonic 2

Winning quote by: batman666

Honorable Mentions
"Again, with the Metal Sonics" - Sam A
"I'm Waiiiiting" - Ken
"Where's the concert? I was told I'd be seeing Metal Sonic!" - grolt

Contest #37 - Space Gun

Winning quote by: A Bd

Honorable Mentions
"Oh $#!&. It's my ex" - Sam A
Alien and guy: "TRICK OR TREAT!!!" - Sam A
"I told Jimmy there's no such thing as monsters" - Fernando
Guy: "Command said there's an alien here somewhere"
Alien: "If there is I haven't seen it" - William Parker

Contest #36 - Streets of Rage

Winning quote by: 7thGuest

Honorable Mentions
Mr. X (thinking): "He still hasn't noticed I swapped the doormat for a non-jumpable pit in this version? Oh boy, this is gonna be sooo sweet! That stupid dialogue box won't save you from pointless tedium this time, Axel..." - Alexander Landgren

Contest #35 - Road Rash

Winning quote by: Clocktower

Honorable Mentions
"Tag! You're it!" - Jonathan J
"Hey, congrats man you won the......oooops, oh sorry" - Sam A
"You want to play doctor? Alright… cavity search!!!" - grolt

Contest #34 - Smash TV

Winning quote by: Pocketim

Honorable Mentions
"Here's to our wives and girlfriends...may they never meet!" - Tears of Opa Opa
We now return to homoerotic Jeopardy - Sam A
Red one: "Say Billy, weren't we supposed to feature in an awesome fighting action thing?"
Blue one: "Shut up, Jimmy!" - Alessandro

Contest #33 - Dick Tracy

Winning quote by: Stan

Honorable Mentions
He is hardly 'Big Boy.' Trans Buttah is much bigger - Jerome Buttah
First I nab Ronald Mc.Donald, then Colonel Sanders, then Wendy! BigBoy never stood a chance! You're next, Popeye! - Adam Crawford
Hey, don't look at my yellow deformed extra long finger, look at the state of that guy's hair! - Phil

Contest #32 - Desert Strike

Winning quote by: Robin Brookes

Honorable Mentions
Army guy: "Round and round the garden like a teddy bear, one step, two step....a tickle under there" - Sam A
Man in suit: “Ready for battle on US shores, Sega? Don’t worry, we here at Tonka will fight this war for you. Trust us, ALF is going to be huge.” - grolt
"You wouldn't know where a president could score some crack, would ya?" - Scott Sullivan

Contest #31 - Gangster Town

Winning quote by: Stan

Honorable Mentions
"I ran out of gas and my door won't open little help" - Greg
OutRun: Al Capone - grolt
"Jimmy, stop firing dammit and tell me that's a big distant tree on the left, because if it's not we're inches away from a huge-ass cliff!" - Thijs Buurman

Contest #30 - Casino Games

Winning quote by: Razor NetOut

Honorable Mentions
"I'll never tell these casino chicks that I'm not this 'Daniel Craig' guy!" - Koborover
"I may have club foot, but take a look at these 2 lovely beauties" - Phil
As a Monopoly hotel is engulfed in green flame, Matthew McConaughey celebrates under the world's largest sunshade - grolt
"Sssssh, don't tell them I used the password cheat to get all this!" - Stan

Contest #29 - The Newzealand Story

Winning quote by: Razor NetOut

Honorable Mentions
"Wait here annoying kid!!!! This boy is the real meatball" - Leonardo de Castro Rodrigues
Seal: "I got lunch tomorrow!"
Kiwi: "Good riddance! more grubs and worms for me" - Greg

Contest #28 - My Hero

Winning quote by: Razor NetOut

Honorable Mentions
"GIANT BEAN!" - Nicholas Taylor
"Hey babe! Smell my armpit!!" - Leonardo de Castro Rodrigues
Blue girl: omg iz that an egg yolk?!
Blue guy pointing: no no no itz a piece of baby bell cheeze1!
Man in black with his head in his hands: Nintendo fanboys - grolt

Contest #27 - Rocky

Winning quote by: Todd Mason

Honorable Mentions
"Mfffgh.. Uhh.. Where do my arm go? Is this the hood? WTF! I HATE putting on this stupid flag-robe-piece-of-crap..." - DNAagram
Holding aloft the mystical invisible bow of Krathtar, Rocky prays to the dark gods of old to deliver him from gaming mediocrity - HotDiggerdyDamn
"Gimme high-five, O'mie!" - Razor NetOut

Contest #26 - Prince of Persia

Winning quote by: Nik

Honorable Mentions
As the prince grabs on an ill-placed sword, the term 'how's it hanging' suddenly takes on a whole new meaning - grolt
The infamous 'Javelin Leapfrog' event was eventually omitted from the Olympics after an incident much like this - HotDiggerdyDamn
The Persian method of sterilisation was unusual to say the least... - nik
Enemy: "This is no time for body building asshole". - astyle

Contest #25 - Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

Winning quote by: Stan

Honorable Mentions
Mickey: If you don't want to get punched for stealing my shirt, I'd suggest you duck! - grolt
Mickey: You're pregnant?! A punch in the stomach should fix that. - Raychan
Frankly my dear I don't give a duck - krooper13
Mickey: Look, I already told you. I'm a mouse, and you're a duck. Cross-species relationships never work. - nik

Contest #24 - Vigilante

Winning quote by: grolt

Honorable Mentions
No Vigilante, that's a bad vigilante! - Raychan
Abra cadabra! I will turn you into a frog!! - astyle
Stand still will you! I'll never get this chewing gum out of your hair if you keep struggling - ninjabearhug
AHA! So you're the one who's been coming back every night to stack our tires! - nik
I said I didn't want to buy any damn tyres! - Playgen

Contest #23 - Home Alone

Winning quote by: Nik

Honorable Mentions
That will learn mom to keep me grounded - astyle
Right. Who said NES was better than SMS?- Nik
Thanks Mom. This could really help with my depression - Daniel Clemens

Contest #22 -The Flintstones

Winning quote by: Rex Anything

Honorable Mentions
Fred: "Are you aware that you've been driving without your headlights?
Barney: "I also don't have any wheels, officer." - grolt
Never buy the square ones again, Barney! Cheaper ain't better - Todd Mason
"There's a reason why rocks are better suited as wheels rather than hats." - Nik

Contest #21 - Slap Shot

Winning quote by: Harry Paul

Honorable Mentions
"Ch ch ch Seg-ah ah ah" - grolt
Players: "Ken, we need your skills as a goalie"
Ken: "Sorry guys, I need to go back to my day job and fight Ryu" - Mark6312
"Thats the guy who wanted to touch my helmet! Get him!" - Rex Anything

Contest #20 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Winning quote by: Todd Mason

Honorable Mentions
"I knew I shouldn't have let that dominatrix keep my whip" - ninjabearhug
"Why would anyone make walls out of cheerios?" - Kiff
"Now I know what they meant when Sega8Bit said this game was the pits!" - grolt

Contest #19 - Dynamite Dux

Winning quote by: Krooper13

Honorable Mentions
Dog: "Uh...Bin, why is Colonel Sanders looking at you like that?" - Rhett
"The babes must love you for that giant fist" - eday2010
Colonel: "Threaten me all you want! You ain't never getting my finger lickin' good secret recipe." - ninjabearhug

Contest #18 - Olympic Gold

Winning quote by: grolt

Honorable Mentions
"Oh man, it's lunch after I've finished this and I hope that kid with the green snotty running nose doesn't sit facing me again. Four days in a row he's sat there, four blooming days" - fraser
"I probably would look better on a Mega Drive!" - clocktower

Contest #17 - Psycho Fox

Winning quote by: ninjabearhug

Honorable Mentions
Fox: "Yuck! I thought these power-up mushrooms were supposed to make me get bigger! How can he eat these?" - eday2010
Birdfly: "That's not me you idiot! Come back!" - Raychan
Mushroom: "BOO!" - Lucas

Contest #16 - Special Criminal Investigation

Winning quote by: krooper13

Honorable Mentions
"Alright Jimmy. If this guy so much as flinches, shoot him in the head for the THIRD time." - Todd Mason
"Go tell the X-Box boys that the Master System boys are back in town!" - Ross Willett
"Look at me when I'm talking to you! ...Are you lookin, 'cause it's hard to tell where your...? What's with-- where the hell is your mouth? You look like you were stabbed in the face by Tetris or somethin!" - Todd Mason

Contest #15 - Golden Axe

Winning quote by: SinnerBoy

Honorable Mentions
"MY BALLOON!" - Todd Mason
"Be gone, wench! Thou shall not tempt me with thine creamy thighs and sexy metal outfit. Foul harlot broad!" - eday2010
"Red Bull - it gives you wings!" - Sinistral

Contest #14 - World Games

Winning quote by: Todd Mason

Honorable Mentions
"Luigi, when they said we would be in Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is this what you pictured?" - Krooper13
"This wasn't what I had in mind when you said 'Let's go roll a fat one'" - ninjabearhug
"We really should have taken a piss before we got on this damn log" - Estimated Prophet

Contest #13 - Double Dragon

Winning quote by: Mr. T

Honorable Mentions
"Ah, is it too late to try behind hole-in-the-wall number 1? " - Todd Mason
"BOLO! You're out of step again! It's up, up, down, down, right, left, right, LEFT! " - Todd Mason
"Exactly why did I smoke them out of their holes?" - Mr. T
"Dudes, seriously! If you hold your farts so much, your intestines are gonna blow!" - Alberto

Contest #12 - Renegade

Winning quote by: Todd Mason

Honorable Mentions
"My armpits smell as bad as that trash your lazing on" - eday2010
*sniff-sniff* "Well it's not me, but it smells like 'dead thug' around here." - Todd
"I don't care how sexy you think that pose is. I ain't going for you on a pile of smelly trash " - eday2010
"Strike! " - Phil
"Get out of there, there aint no point in dumpster diving for Sega games behind a chinese takeaway!" - Sinistral

Contest #11 - Operation Wolf

Winning quote by: Todd Mason

Honorable Mentions
"Hmmph, bitch, told you to stop blasting your system near my house, now I done exploded it to hell" - Stan
"Dang! That was my 3rd SMS! Wireless controllers are still just too unreliable." - Todd
"Heh heh! This is the Blast Processing Sega was talking about!" - mateusbond
"Now the police will never get my hard drive" - Christian Hughes
"You're only supposed to blow the BLOODY doors off!" - David Vincent Hall

Contest #10 - The Lucky Dime Caper

Winning quote by: Aypok

Honorable Mentions
"Stop! Hammer time! " - Aypok & Chunkchenko
"This is what you get for trying to sell this game as 'RARE' on eBay!" - Aypok
"I told you if you outbid me on Daisy's panties, I'de get ya!!" - northern gooner

Contest #9 - Crash Dummies

Winning quote by: Todd Mason

Honorable Mentions
"Wow, $100, and I only broke 77 bones this time! " - ptepid
"Time to go buy that hot inflatable doll!" - Alberto
"My name is Retroboy and I've just sold one of my overpriced Handle Controllers!" - Phil

Contest #8 - Ghouls 'n Ghosts

Winning quote by: Yawackhary

Honorable Mentions
"Maybe this might not be the best place to do the Full Monty" - Yawackhary
"I will defeat you with my fart of fire. Die monster. Die." - Phil

Contest #7 - Shinobi

Winning quote by: Todd Mason

Honorable Mentions
"Jo, your ninja skills are so awesome. I'm not worthy!!!" - Sinistral
"Don't just stand there,help me find my contact lense" - ninjabearhug
"Ahhhhhh, god, this stupid bowel disorder (faaaaaaaart)! Come on! God, just one fight!" - Stan

Contest #6 - Pro Wrestling

Winning quote by: ninjabearhug

Honorable Mentions
"Roshambo! No more kids for you! Ha!" - eday

Contest #5 - Back to the Future III

Winning quote by: krooper13

Honorable Mentions
"Look! Someone's playing this god-awful game! Haha!" - aypok
"Check out my lightning firing finger" - ninjabearhug
"That guy said the NES was better than the SMS! Get him!" - aypok
"OMG!?! Sega fan has opened ANOTHER forum!"- astaroth

Contest #4 - California Games

Winning quote by: eday2010

Honorable Mentions
"I'm beginning to wish I'd chosen surfing now..." - kungfukid
"I know this is an Aussie version of California Games, but this is ridiculous!" - astaroth
"I wish I had worn underwear today" - Phil
"Stupid sat-nav's on the blink again"- ninjabearhug

Contest #3 - Rastan

Winning quote by: playgeneration

Honorable Mentions
"With a VPL that bad you should be ashamed" - krooper
"Damn, what a fine ass" - eday
"Where are you going stupid? There is just desert out there. Your dead"- sega fan

Contest #2 - Battle Out Run

Winning quote by: rupert

Honorable Mentions
"Yawn... I've sure gots a big mouth" - Yawackhary
"Dang, Rocky kicked my ass and stole my car. I look stupid right now" - sega fan

Contest #1 - Black Belt

Winning quote by: kungfukid

Honorable Mentions
Riki: "Do not spread your legs like that or I will enter the fist" - Tony
Riki: "Oh no! Jazz hands" - stewart
Riki: "This is a fight not a ballerina contest" - Kiff
Ryu: "Woo! Check out my moves. Do you come here often?
Riki: "No it's my first time. Ahh!? Why has my right side gone grey?" - rupert
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