Samiam asks:
I'm stuck on the level of Shinobi where I have to fight a boss called Mandara. I always get pushed back into the lightning and die! HELP!!!
Prof says:
Ah yes, this is not the first time I've heard this one. I should have really mentioned this tip in the game's manual. Mandara is quite the adversary and definately one of the more difficult bosses in the game. The key to beating him lies in timing. Rapid fire units won't help you here friend.

From the get-go press fire and take a couple of steps forward to reduce the time it takes for your weapon to hit the statues. Then as soon as your weapon hits, press fire again and repeat the process, timing each shot best as you can. You're bound to take a couple of knocks but hopefully you should destroy all the statues before you get pushed back into the dreaded lightning. But cease celebrations, it's not over yet dear fellow.

But it's as good as, seeing as the next part is fairly simple. A fireball-spouting face will appear on the wall and start moving up and down. Just stand in the spot where the high bouncing fireballs bounce over you and then when the low fireballs come at you jump over them (on the spot) and fire, aiming for his weak spot, the red spot on his head. Repeat the process and victory is yours! And in case this explanation isn't clear enough I have taken the liberty of recording it and thanks to this wonderful gizmo I have discovered called You Tube you can view it below.

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