darktrym asks:
In Asterix and the Great Rescue, I can't find the right timing to beat the 3.6 boss (Rolling Roman). Can you help?
SpeedStarTMQ asks:
In Sonic The Hedgehog, if I collect all 12 extra lives by getting a certain amount of rings at the end of an act, rather than collecting the boxes hidden throughout, will I still get the special bonus totalling to 500,000 at the end?
Ron asks:
I can't get the "Good Ending" in Space Gun. Once I kill the last boss (the monster in the cockpit), the screen goes white, and the bad ending begins. Please, help me!
Daniel asks:
On Strider, how do you pass the first level boss easily?
Michael Benson asks:
I'm stuck on the octopus level on Asterix. I think it's round 5-3. You go through the octopus and then (as Obelix) you're swimming behind the octopus. I can't find how to get into the valley where the key must be. Any suggestions?
Kieran McLarnon asks:
I'm stuck on the Janken's Castle level on Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I can't get past the room of spikes in the swimming section. Can you help?
SaDistic asks:
In Alex Kidd in Miracle World, what is the use of the blue round object you pick up in the 'caves' level and I think you can buy it later on in the game?
Becky asks:
I'm finding it impossible to finish the first level in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! I get completely stuck in a dead end. After crossing the water that has ropes to jump to and from, I keep going right and climb the ropes that the strange men are traveling up. Then once I've got to the bottom of the ropes on the right hand side, I'm in a dead end and the time runs out! Help!
Chewy asks:
Can I have an Infinite Lives cheat for Global Gladiators please?
Samiam asks:
I'm stuck on the level of Shinobi where I have to fight a boss called Mandara. I always get pushed back into the lightning and die! HELP!!!
Gelmir asks:
I have arrived at the island stage on Mickey Mouse - Land of Illusion and I have a problem. I'm supposed to jump on the clouds when climbing the beanstalk but I keep falling through them. What am I doing wrong?
Kendrick asks:
I'm stuck on the first level of The Terminator. When I get back to the surface I am unable to get past the firing gun. What do I do?
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