Gelmir asks:
I have arrived at the island stage and I have a problem. I'm supposed to jump on the clouds when climbing the beanstalk but I keep falling through them. What am I doing wrong?
Prof says:
Ah, this reminds of a time when the Gamesmaster himself asked me the same question. We studied together don't you know. He was miserable fuddy duddy back then too, ho ho. Ahem, moving swiftly on then...

What you need are the cloud walking shoes. Once you have completed the Castle Ruins stage you should have picked up the shrinking potion. Later on when you come to the Desert stage you'll need to shrink Mickey and enter the Pyramid. Destroy the block on the right side of the base of the pyramid, go left and jump up to the platform with a single block. Destroy the block and it will reveal a hole, shrink Mickey and then enter.

Once inside, work your way through and defeat the snake boss and hey presto. You should find you now able to walk on the clouds when heading up the beanstalk. Happy gaming dear fellow.
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