Welcome to the Sega8bit.com Top 100 SMS games. For some time now, our forum visitors have been casting their votes for their top 20 games. These have been tallied and the results are now ready to be revealed. What surprises might be in store? Find out, as we count down the fans chosen Top 100 Sega Master System games.

California Games
This game made it into the top 20 over The Ninja by one point. This fun multiplayer game has a charm that got it into 10 peoples list of votes.
83 pts

Bubble Bobble
This great conversion of the classic arcade game by Taito features the familiar maze running, bubble breathing dragons "Bub" and "Bob". It appeared on 8 peoples lists.
92 pts

Fantasy Zone II
This sequel comes in a few places lower than it's original.. This fun little shoot-em-up really used the SMS's colour palette to it's potential.
93 pts

Micro Machines
This Codemasters classic is one of the SMS's later titles. A fun racing game in which you can race a variety of different machines aound some excellent level designs.
94 pts

Golvellius: Valley of Doom
It's an adventure that will take you across deserts and mountains, oceans and forests. This RPG contains platforming, action and adventure elements for an enjoyable gaming experience.
103 pts

Fantasy Zone
This iconic SMS game received enough points to deservedly make the top 20. Nice to see an early title so highly ranked and appreciated.
105 pts

Power Strike II
This top down shooter was one the system's later releases. It's fast and frantic action blended with detailed backgrounds and sprites make for a fun and enjoyable gameplay experience.
105 pts

Lucky Dime Caper, The (starring Donald Duck)
One of the many fantastic Disney titles. A highly enjoyable platforming adventure with our aquatic bird friend Donald. It's excellent graphics and gameplay are second to none.
118 pts

Classic ninja action here, with Jo Musashi attempting to take down the Ring of Five. The great variety of levels, weapons and magic make this an allround fun game to play.
120 pts

This horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-up is reknowned for being an excellent conversion from the coin-op classic. You'll have fun blasting your way through challenging levels to defeat the evil Bydo Empire.
126 pts

So there's the rundown of games 20-11. In possibly the biggest surprise of the top 100, California Games makes the top 20. Unsurprisingly though, Lucky Dime Caper rightfully comes in high at number 13 as shoot'em-up favourite R-Type just misses out on the top 10. Fantasy Zone and it's sequel both interestingly make it in. So what are the top 10 SMS games? Don't keep yourself in suspense any longer and continue on...

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