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The story

You are the Super Rider, attempting to carry out five sets of instructions. This is done in five rounds, one set per round. You will encounter both air and ground battles. Thus, your vehicle can alternately become an aircraft, a car or a motorcycle. When the game begins, the timer starts counting down from 999. As long as there is time remaining, play can be continued even if your vehicle is repeatedly destroyed. When the time is up, play continues until your reserve supply of vehicles has been depleted.

The object of the game is to carry out as many missions as possible while avoiding enemy fire. These missions entail collecting various items on screen and destroying enemy vehicles. Also, try to increase your score, as this can build up your supply of vehicles.

The game ends when the timer runs out and all of your vehicles have been destroyed. The game will also end when you have successfully completed all five rounds/missions. (Taken from manual)

The controls

In the ground sections (motorcycle/car), Left and Right on the d-pad will steer your vehicle accordingly, Up will speed up and Down will slow down. Button 1 shoots anti-air missiles (once you have them) and Button 2 shoots regular bullets. Pressing Buttons 1 + 2 together will transform between your vehicles (once you’ve powered up to a car).

In the air sections, the d-pad will guide your flying vehicle around the screen. Button 1 drops bombs and Button 2 shoots regular bullets.

The basics

You'll begin the game in a ground section with a motorcycle. The motorcycle is very agile as it moves from side to side pretty quickly, making dodging enemy vehicles easier. As it is also smaller than the car, you are a smaller target for enemy bullets. However, it is more easily knocked about by enemy vehicles, making crashing more common. Also, with regular bullets you only fire 1 projectile, compared to the car’s 2.

As you start destroying enemies, letters will appear. Collect A, B, C and D to transform in the car. The car is a lot stronger than the bike and fires two projectiles when you have regular bullets. I recommend using the car for most of the time.

As you continue to destroy enemies, you will collect the letters E and F. Once you have these you will transform into the airborne vehicle at the next bridge and take off into the air section.

Ground enemies

During the ground sections, you will come across these enemies. Note that when you power-up and gain the missiles, all enemies are destroyed in one hit.

Pee-Poo 1000 (Amublance)
200 points
3 bullets to destroy
New Master
150 points
2 bullets to destroy
Abbot TS-5 (Bike)
150 points
2 bullets to destroy
Costero Twin (Sidecar)
350 points
Appears from level 3. 2 bullets
Sega VIP 9000
500 points
Appears from level 3. 3 bullets

Ferdinando FX
200 points
Appears from level 2. 3 bullets
Rolant Mark II R
700 points
Use anti-air missile to destroy.
Be aware of the dropped mines

Air enemies

During the air sections, you will come across these enemies. Note that when you power-up and gain the missiles, all enemies are destroyed in one hit.

Human Rider (Hang glider)
50 points
1 bullet to destroy
Backfire A-4 (Jet)
150 points
2 bullets to destroy
Roland Mark II (Helicopter)
200 points
4 bullets to destrroy
Hawk LCM (Guided missile)
200 points
Appears from level 2. 5 bullets
Gash IV (Spaceship)
300 points
Appears from level 3. 10 bullets

Air to ground enemies

During the air sections, you will find some enemies on the ground. These must be destroyed using your bomb (button 1).

Scorpion (Tank)
300 points
Ark 69 (Boat)
250 points
Corza (Car)
250 points
Helper (Rescue boat)
300 points


During the game you can collect various power-ups. They are all very useful and will definitely assist you in beating the game.

During the ground section, you will come across the Sega truck. To connect with the Sega Truck, approach it from behind and make contact with its rear section.
1st dock: rockets
2nd dock: anti-air missiles.
3rd and subsequent dock: temporary invincibility (about 18 seconds)

During the air section, power-ups are represented as small P symbols which you collect. Here's what they do and how to get them.

Colour Power-up To get one
Rd 1
Rd 2
Rd 3
Rd 4
Rd 5
Yellow Rockets Destroy hang-glider waves
White Speed up Destroy jets
Green Clears screen Destroy helper
Brown Extra life/200 Destroy huts
Blue Invincibility Bomb and/or


During the air sections of the game, you will come across flags which you can collect..

Collect 16 flags and the yellow cat appears. Shoot it 20 times with either bullets or rockets and you will get a 5000 point bonus.
Collect 32 flags and the black & white cat and an extra life appears. Shoot the cat 20 times with either bullets or rockets and you will get a point bonus

Enemy Bosses

Round 1 - Clarken (Submarines) - 5,000 points

There are three subs that require three bombs each. Attack the lower ones first so you only take fire from one general direction. Be aware that when you sink the first two, the last one shoots more rapidly.

Round 2 - Baromet (Tanks) - 10,000 points

There are six tanks. Each one requires three hits with missiles or five hits with bullets. You're on the ground for this one so use the motorcycle, as it moves quicker around the screen. Learn the timing of the tanks' attacks so you can anticipate when to move out of the way.

Round 3 - Helicopters - 100,000 points

Three helicopters attack, one at a time. Each one requires 10 hits with missiles, or 20 hits with bullets. Stay low and just move left and right. As the helicopter goes from right to left, follow its movement but staying slightly to the left of it while shooting. As you get pushed over to the left side of the screen to avoid fire, wait for the gap in the enemy bullets and make your way over to the right side of the screen again. Repeat pattern.

Round 4 - Sphinx (Anti-aircraft tanks) - 300,000 points

This boss can be very tricky. There are two waves of three tanks. Each one requires five bombs. Hit the turrets. The first tank appears in the middle. Time it right you can get a free hit in with your first bomb. You should be able to get 3 hits in before the other tanks start firing. Try destroy the the middle tank first. When all 3 tanks are firing it can be dangerous so stay low if you feel you're in trouble.

Once the the middle tank is destroyed the others should be easy. Head over to the left one, stay below it and time your bombs in between the enemy fire. Don't stray too left or right of the tank though as it can catch you out with a diagonal shot. Head over to the right and do the same thing. Repeat the pattern for the next wave.

Round 5 - Aircraft Carriers - 500,000 points

There are two carriers that require thirty bombs each. You must drop the bombs on the control tower, or reasonably close to it. Bombing the deck has no effect. The carriers shoot out two or three bullets at a time and do not pause long between shots. Stay below it and weave in out of the sets of bullets. As you do so, try land a bomb. Just get in to a pattern and keep your cool.

General tips

• During the ground sections always be the car, the motorcycle crashes too easy. Try avoid bumping into other vehicles.

• Transforming from the motorcycle to the car instantly makes you travel at top speed. This is a good way of saving time. This technique also lets you drive down the middle of juctions if timed right. It's also a way of getting rid of the helicopter flying above you.

• Take extra care on the bendy sections thta have lots of left and right turns. Enemy vehicles will be moving around a lot more and will bump into you, causing you to crash.

• During the air sections, be wary that enemy fire becomes more rapid with each level. Helicopters will fire more bullets at you and tanks fire a lot quicker.

• It's a good idea to stay low during the air sections as it gives you more time to react to enemy fire and helps avoid the swooping hang-gliders.

• Don't get too distracted while trying to bomb things. I recommend just avoiding tank fire rather than trying to destroy them. Boats are tricky to hit but try destroy them early if possible.

• Always strive to power-up to the rockets as these make life so much easier. When coming up against groups of helicopters, be quick and accurate. Take each one out with one shot while moving. Also, as rockets go through enemies, time it so you destroy multiple enemies in one shot.

• You get an extra life whenever you reach the following points: 10,000 - 20,000 - 40,000 - 80,000 - 160,000 - 640,000 - 1,280,000.


On every level during the air sections, there is a hidden area that if you bomb twice, will show a secret animation and play the Sega jingle.

Sailboat - Level 1
Later on in the level, bomb one of the small islands on the left.

American football - Level 2
Near the start of the level, bomb the intersection.

Hot air balloon - Level 3
As you fly over the first city, bomb the start of the road on the right.

USA flag - Level 4
At the start of the second air section, bomb the city on the left.

Statue of Liberty - Level 5
During the second air section on the 3rd ice island, bomb the second blue dot in the middle.

Space Shuttle
During the ground sections, if you collect all the letters without dying a space shuttle will fly across the left-hand side of the screen.

Jumping fish
During the air sections, at the end of a city bomb one of the yellow things and a brown fish will jump out of the water.


At the beginning of the game, there is a screen in which you enter your name. Enter any one of the following (each must fill all eight spaces):

HANG_ON. Start with letters A, B, C and D
_©_SEGA. Invincible to enemy bullets
GP_WORLD 3 extra lives when timer runs out
SPECIAL. Start with A, B, C, D and immunity to enemy bullets
DOKI_PEN Start with A, B, C, D, immunity to enemy bullets, three extra lives when the timer runs out, rockets and anti-helicopter missiles

If you enter a code correctly, your name will be shown as Player 1 throughout the game.
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