This is an open challenge to all you gamers out there! If you think you can prove yourself against our friends on the forum, this is the place to start. You better watch yourself though because there are some pretty dedicated and obsessive Sega Master System gamers that belong to the forum. If you think you can beat them then look below at the a list of games that have high score tallies, check out who's top, and figure out a way to beat them!

The games are linked to their dedicated thread on our forums, where you can see a full list of scores. If there's a game not listed here that you want to set a high score for, just start a new thread on the forum and go for it. You could have your name listed in this High Score Hall of Fame!

Game Title Current High Score Club Member
Action Fighter 1,149,960 martinlaw
The Addams Family 1,058,400 ninjabearhug
Astro Warrior 813,900 ddevilfingers
Back to the Future 2 18,800 Ian
Black Belt 691,300 Ian
Bomber Raid 851,000 ddevilfingers
Bubble Bobble 1,460,000 ddevilfingers
Castle of Illusion 163,560 Ian
Choplifter 517,600 brian
Chuck Rock 361,725 ninjabearhug
Chuck Rock II 311,900 Ian
Cloud Master 2,623,700 ddevilfingers
Digger Chan 24,526 PrivateJoker
Double Dragon 305,770 Ian
Dynamite Duke 188,500 ddevilfingers
Dyanmite Dux 654,790 Ian
Enduro Racer 5'36"52 miked
Fantasy Zone 9,999,990 segareboot, Ian, brian, Tears of Opa Opa
Fantasy Zone II 8,076,600 Tears of Opa Opa
The Flintstones 12,560 ninjabearhug
Gauntlet 89,040 chuckltd
Ghost House 1,439,000 8bitcheese
Golden Axe 312 Ian
Great Golf 9 Holes: +1 / 18 Holes: +9 Tears of Opa Opa
Great Ice Hockey 66 (Goals) grolt
Hang-On! 3,913,490 chuckltd
James Bond 007: The Duel 246,900 ninjabearhug
Kenseiden 68,600 Gordman
Kung Fu Kid 1,839,700 Ian
Mercs 107,825 Ian
My Hero 727,270 gallos_11
The Ninja 9,999,900 ninjabearhug
Out Run 46,635,680 Ian
Out Run 3D 20,733,030 zavias
Paperboy 106,490 Ian
Pit Fighter 88,200 rjsboy
Power Strike 4,178,890 ninjabearhug
Power Strike II 3,176,430 Transatlantic Foe
Pro Wrestling 532,400 Ian
Quartet 83,500 brian
Rainbow Islands 485,700 Private Joker
Rambo II 1,341,400 Ian
Robocop 3 190,146 ninjabearhug
Safari Hunt 1,143,900 chuckltd
Shanghai 13:38 ninjabearhug
The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The World 265,550 Stan
Sonic the Hedgehog 1,443,900 Ian
Special Criminal Investigation 9,272,860 Ian
Strider 33,360 ninjabearhug
Taz-Mania 206,100 gallos_11
Teddy Boy 428,750 Tears of Opa Opa
TransBot 5,503,040 brian
Vigilante 76,800 Ian
Wanted 136,600 ninjabearhug
Wonder Boy 557,040 schlingel
Wonder Boy in Monster Land 547,580 farrahsfaucet

Last updated: 6 March 2015

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