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Reviewer Name: Lambretta Dave
Game Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty Options: True
Game Information
Full Title: Double Hawk
Year Released: 1990
Game Type: Shooting
Max Players: 2

Schwarzenegger and Stallone team up.... wait wait, they are called Jack and John and have been handpicked by the UN to protect the rest of the world from terrorists. Two players can battle it out together in this game.
The gameplay is very simple. Jack and John stand at the bottom of the screen waiting for bad guys to come along for you to shoot at. They come on foot, in tanks, planes and motorbikes. It plays a bit like Dynamite Duke or Operation Wolf except the screen does not move from left to right, it's just static screens here.

So in order to succeed in the game, you need to avoid the enemy's bullets and grenades by moving left or right along the bottom of the screen. You can give just as much back and you can increase your chances by picking up a power-up or two, like rapid-fire, extra grenades or even a super gun. If you are playing a 2-player game you can argue over who gets the power-ups.
The graphics are average. Some of the sprites are too small to see but most of the time they are fine. They are well defined however and well drawn but when the action hots up, good old flicker comes along to haunt us. It's best to try and shoot every thing to get rid of the flicker.
Sound & Music
When the game is first turned on, you have a nice tune and a roar of bullets as Jack and John shoot out the title screen. In the game there is no music, just the sounds of the gun alone. There's nothing wrong with them but with a few tunes it would have been more pleasing to the ears.
The controls handle well. I used a Sega Control Stick for this and it played very well, after I mastered the controls, that is. Button one shoots the gun. Button two throws grenades. The D-pad moves you left and right and in order to move the cursor you hold down Button 1 and then move the D-pad in the directions you want to shoot but that then means you are unable to move your character.
Replay Value
Music & Sound
Replay Value
If there are two players, the replay value is very high. It's fun to play together but on your own the fun is toned down a bit. Trying to work out how to kill the big boss can keep you at the game for a lot longer than you think.
The game has average graphics and few sounds but simple gameplay make this a great game, as it allows you to concentrate on the game itself. A little more effort would have made this game even more fun. There are a few similar games like this and they do a better job in graphics and sound but very few have a two player mode which saves this game.
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