Sinistral's Unreal

...Prefabs (Brushes) (32Kb)

A nice new truck , as featured in my map as-warehouse (48Kb)

A van as featured in as-warehouse (47Kb)

A bed as featured in As-Miningcolony]|[

Shelfs (41Kb)

As featured in as-warehouse best use a wood effect texture :) (6Kb)

A large barracks , inside is errr , nothing ;) (4Kb)

Make sure you load Mine.utx , coret.utx and decayed.utx or be prepared to retexture. (2Kb)

From Ctf-Temple of Misadventure, its ideal for carrying your players to saftey across lava etc. (4Kb)

Taken from As-Nukesilo, its pretty big , dont let the pic fool you ;) (7Kb)

A wooden table and chair set , looks goo in almost any map , mabey a bit big , so skew it down (85Kb)

Would be cool in an assault map , the green texture is included in the zip. (3Kb)

Taken from Ctf-Tempe of Misadventure. (15Kb)

Taken from a city style map i done a while ago .

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