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...Unreal Forgotten
...What is Forgotten?

Forgotten is a Map pack created by Andrew "Sinistral" Allison for the original Unreal. It utilises some of the features of the unofficial Unreal 227 patch which can be found at

Forgotten consists of six new levels, plus two new cut-scenes. Titles and order are as follows:

  • Intromap - And So It Begins
  • The Abandoned Village
  • The Old Mining Colony
  • The Krall Castle
  • The Massacre of Outpost One
  • Earth Under Attack
  • The Skaarj Supreme Command Cruiser
  • Extromap - The End

[Click here to download Unreal Forgotten Final]

...The Story

Ever since the humans discovered NaPali they have maintained a military and scientific presence on the planet. As one of the very few Earth-like planets in the known universe Napali could potentially be the solution to all of earths resource and population problems.

The first outpost to be settled by the humans was based in the northern hemisphere of the planet aptly named "Outpost One". Due to the vast distance between Earth and NaPali the first human ship to arrive carried with it an intergalactic transit gate, which is capable of instantaneous transit from Earth to NaPali. With a firm presence setup on NaPali setup the humans began to explore the surrounding area. It wasn't long before they discovered the Nali who they befriended and gradually over time gained their trust.

With the on-going exploration of NaPali you and your comrade have been sent out to survey the planet from orbit. During the trip, you are attacked by an unknown ship and sent plummeting back to NaPali. You survive the crash, but are unable to reach Outpost One to warn them on the radio, this could be signal the beginning of an imminent alien attack. You must make your way across the terrain to outpost one and warn them. You'll travel through Nali and hostile Krall territories, across the mountains and canyons of Napali's hostile northern hemisphere, it's a long journey to Outpost One, but you're the best of the best, if anyone can do this it's you. You may be all that stands between the future of NaPali and ultimately that of Earth.

...Whats New in Forgotten Final

A bugfix release which resolves cosmetic issues caused by the new Unreal 227G/H clients.

  • Fixes issues with "floating Skaarj" in levels 2 and 3.
  • Fixes issues with masked textures apparing as solids.
  • Pathnodes and spawnpoints changed for cargo ships, disembarking Skaarj will now patrol after being dropped off.
  • Fixes bug where Brute in Level 2 would freeze up.
  • Resolves issue with Skaarj not seeing player in Level 3 dark area, resulting in event not being triggered properly.
  • Removes rain from inside of level 2: no matter what I tried I could not get this to rebuild properly without BSP errors in the new the new 227G/H Unrealed 2.1.

Previous Version 1.3 Fixes

Only Level 2 and Level 4 have been updated. This is primarily a bugfix release which removes various BSP issues in levels 2 and 4 which caused the player to either die when they came into contact with the hole, or caused visual anomalies. There are some minor issues fixed also such as:

  • On level 2 it's now possible to repair the damaged bridge from the other side. (useful in multiplayer)
  • Bad pathnodes fixed (caused issue with Skaarj patrol points)
  • Level 4 has some extra detail in the castle.

Previous Version 1.2 Fixes

This version fixes all of the bugs that have been reported on various reviews/forums/PMs I have received. It also makes numerous changes to the gameplay/graphical detail and music.

Here is a summary list of the changes:

  • Distance Fog now used on the snow levels.
  • Snow textures no longer appear as sheets.
  • Small details added to interior structures.
  • Lightning/Rain effects are improved.
  • All translator messages have been spell checked.
  • Much of the music has changed in various levels.
  • Level 2 has extra detail to the landscape/village houses, new enemies added.
  • Level 3 has an extra added section - this balances the sizes of the levels better, new enemies and events.
  • Level 4 gameplay has changed completely - the goal is no longer to kill all the Krall, only the Krall leader. There are also some new events.
  • Level 5 has various gameplay/visual enhancements in an attempt to make the level more atmospheric.
  • Level 6 has improved detail, more enemies and is more intense. There is also a nice new event.
  • Level 7 has entire new sections of the ship. Translator messages added back in (were missing from the first release for some reason).
  • The maps are now all cooperative mode friendly - all known MP bugs fixed.

All of the above changes may not sound like much, but when you play the pack through it feels more polished and refined.



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