Master System 3 Collection Information

Full Title: Master System 3 Collection
Manafacturer: Tec Toy
First Release Year: 1997
Model No: Unknown
Official: True
Console: True
Controller: False
Peripheral: False
Multiformat: False
Release Countries: Brazil
Hardware Description

After the Master System officially ended in 1997 in Brazil, Tec Toy refused to let it die. After the games were no longer being manufactured, they decided to keep their palms in the industry and to this day continue to release versions of the first Master System 3 collection. The idea started with the Master System handy, and blossomed to such a degree that Tec Toy still lists the newest version for sale on its website. They will be pictured here in order of appearance. Each model typically comes with more games than the former, but the majority of them are released Master System titles, though it should be noted later versions include some Japanese games not released elsewhere as well as entirely new games programmed by Tec Toy. Brazil was known for repackaging what were otherwise normal Master System II units as 'Master System IIIs', 'Compacts' and so forth. This is the earliest example of their Master System III Compact. It's just the Master System II, but they had to change the name because Tec Toy had already released a Master System II in Brazil, which was simply a regular Master System I with 'Master System II' on the console and box. Therefore, when the actual SMSII was released, they called it the Master System III Compact. The 'II' was eliminated but Alex Kidd in Miracle World was still the included game, and 'compact' added because of the smaller model. Later versions, which are still released by Tec Toy, by the way, all retain this basic design.


Since there will likely be a ton of these as time goes on, to save space we're condensing them into one listing. Keep in mind that several variants of this unit exist since Tec Toy continues to make newer versions.

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