Welcome to the Sega8bit.com Top 100 SMS games. For some time now, our forum visitors have been casting their votes for their top 20 games. These have been tallied and the results are now ready to be revealed. What surprises might be in store? Find out, as we count down the fans chosen Top 100 Sega Master System games.

Land of Illusion (starring Mickey Mouse)
Second game in the Mickey Mouse 'Illusion' series. Being a Disney game it's got the trademarks you'd expect, great graphics, sound and gameplay. This game plays similar to the original Mickey adventure 'Castle of Illusion' but has more of a puzzle element to it. In this game Mickey helps a cursed village by defeating the evil phantom. Received 15 votes, including three 2nd positions.
170 pts

Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Wonder Boy returns all grown up. No more throwing rocks and riding skateboards, it's time to suit up in armour with sword and shield and embark upon one of the greatest adventure games on the Master System. Monster Land is a radically different game to the original, but that isn’t a bad thing in this case. This game appeared on 17 people’s lists.
198 pts

Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star is THE Japanese RPG that re-defined the genre. Phantasy Star blew the gaming public away with its epic story, amazing 3D labyrinths and non-linear gameplay. At the time of release the public went wild for this game, it was not uncommon to hear of people buying a Master System on the strength of this one game. This game appeared on 14 people's lists.
208 pts

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