Welcome to the Sega8bit.com Top 100 SMS games. For some time now, our forum visitors have been casting their votes for their top 20 games. These have been tallied and the results are now ready to be revealed. What surprises might be in store? Find out, as we count down the fans chosen Top 100 Sega Master System games.

Golden Axe Warrior
What happens when you take the story of Golden Axe, the view of Gauntlet and the playability of Ys? The simple answer is, a superb game. Golden Axe Warrior was widely criticised at the time of its release for being a "Zelda Clone". Well, clone or not, Zelda is not available on the Master System, so that can only be a good thing! 11 people included this in their list.
127 pts

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic makes his triumphant return on the Master System. This time he needs to save his friend Tails from the evil Dr Robotnik. In all aspects it's very similar to the first Sonic game on the Master System, but this time everything has that little bit of extra polish, ensuring that Sonic 2 is a shining gem you simply must add to your collection. Sonic 2 appeared on 15 people’s lists.
146 pts

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
What do you get when you mix Alex Kidd with Shinobi? The answer is this great game. Coming in higher than the original Shinobi game, this is an enjoyable, albeit easy platformer and was the last of the Alex Kidd series. And who can forget the awesome lampost fireball attack? This games deserves to be in the top 10 for that technique alone! Appeared in voting 12 times.
152 pts

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