Welcome to the Sega8bit.com Top 100 SMS games. For some time now, our forum visitors have been casting their votes for their top 20 games. These have been tallied and the results are now ready to be revealed. What surprises might be in store? Find out, as we count down the fans chosen Top 100 Sega Master System games.

415 pts

What else could it be? This game tussled with Sonic the Hedgehog for the top spot during the voting but won through in the end. As one of the system's earliest releases, it truly has withstood the test of time. This game is undeniably, an absolute classic. The red jumpsuit wearing monkey-boy was Sega's mascot prior to Sonic and has appeared a few times on system. But none of Alex's other games came to close to his original adventure.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World sees our little hero looking for his brother Egle, who has been captured by the evil villain Janken the Great. When Alex is not jumping and punching his way through 16 challenging stages his is defeating henchman by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. Many will also remember the fun vehicles you get to use on the way, including the Helicopter, Speedboat and the awesome Motorbike. The graphics, playability and music are second to none and this game no doubt deserves the title of greatest Sega Master System game ever. Received 17 votes altogether with a whopping 15 of them being top 5 votes.

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